Shah Rukh Khan reacted after seeing Jawan’s poster on the truck

Shah Rukh Khan’s film Jawan was released in theaters on 7 September. Fans were eagerly waiting for the film

and this is the reason why the audience gave a lot of love to the film after its release. It has been 20 days since

Jawan was released and the craze for the film does not seem to be ending. While people were making videos

copying Shah Rukh Khan’s look from Jawan, now posters of the film have started appearing on trucks too.

Shah Rukh Khan has posted a video on his X account in which a poster of Jawan is visible on a truck. While

posting this video, a fan wrote - One tomorrow is behind us, one tomorrow is after us, today talk about today,

today with us. While reposting this video, king Khan wrote - It looks good... now people will think twice

before getting into trouble with this truck. Ha ha...

The magic of Jawan continues at the box office

Let us tell you that Shah Rukh Khan’s film is creating new dimensions every day at the box office. With a

collection of Rs 571 crore, Jawan has become the highest-grossing hindi film of all time. The film’s

popularity continues worldwide too. Jawan has created a record by crossing the figure of Rs 1000 crore


This is the star cast

Many forms of Shah rukh Khan have been seen in Jawan. Along with him, Nayanthara, Priyamani, Sanya

Malhotra, Riddhi Dogra and Lahar Khan are also seen playing important roles in the film.

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