Rakhi has set a trap for the sixth husband..!?

A friend made a shocking statement against Rakhi Sawant. Rakhi has set a trap for the sixth husband and says that the plan is to get money and kill him. Drama queen actress rakhi sawant has been in the news for the past few days. The story of marriage with Adil Khan Durrani is more interesting than the movie. Adil Khan, a young man from Mysore, refused marriage, Rakhi went wild, and finally Adil accepted the marriage, everything was no different from any movie story. Even when everything ends happily, Adil cheats on her, assaults her, has an illicit relationship with another woman, and converts to islam for Adil's sake. Rakhi, who had accused me of accepting islam and marrying Adil, finally complained. Due to this, an FIR was registered against Adil Khan Durrani and he went to jail, and after his release, it is known that they held a press conference accusing each other.

   Rakhi who returned from Makkah-Madinah performing Umrah said that she is holy and no man should touch her. While he was in the news, an old video of him came to the fore again. In it, he claimed that actress tanushree dutta had repeatedly raped him. But amidst all this, another shocking thing has been revealed against Rakhi. While some have stood in favor of Adil Khan, many more have already held a press conference in favor of Rakhi. As a continuation of this, now again Adil Khan and Rajshree, who was once Rakhi's friend, have made serious allegations. When the METO movement started, I told everyone that I was a victim of this. Rakhi had the video of it. Instead of supporting me, she took money and defamed me in front of everyone. Rajshree claims that it took months for me to come out of the shock. Rakhi is the biggest cheater and liar in the world. She is always thinking of new lies. Rakhi has done this with a lot of people. Rajshree said that she is ready to go to any low level for her own benefit and her goal is to deceive everyone and make money.

Adil Khan further alleged that I entered her as the sixth husband. She is looking for the seventh one leaving me too. She said that what she wants is not men, but rather their money. Rajshree, who has heard about this, Rakhi is not one to kill those who oppose her by giving betel nut. She wanted to kill me too, can prove it. She gave a shocking statement that she had killed her ex-husband Ritesh too. Talking more about Rakhi, Tanushree said she had no money in her hand during the lockdown. At that time, she was thinking about how to get rid of whom. Ritesh fell into her trap and then Adil Khan. Rakhi has some kind of mental problem, she is not interested in men but their money,” said Tanushree.

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