Charu Asopa responds to trollers for making daughter Gianna look older


Charu Asopa replied on trolling on daughter Ziana's 'big' appearance, said- 'Her genes are like this'

Recently, tv actress Charu Asopa has given a befitting reply to those trolling her daughter Gianna for looking older than her age. 

Popular tv actress Charu Asopa and her husband rajeev Sen have been living separately for a long time. Today i.e. on june 8, 2023 is the last hearing of his divorce. However, he is currently co-parenting his daughter, Gianna Sen. Meanwhile, Charu spoke on the trolling of her daughter Gianna and told that it affects her a lot.

Charu Asopa responds to trollers for making daughter Gianna look older

Speaking to 'ETimes', Charu Asopa revealed how trolls target Gianna for looking 'older' than her age. Stating that it is in her genes, Charu said, “It hurts me a lot when they talk negatively about my daughter. She may look like a three-year-old, but she is only a year and a half old. She is just 18 months old. She can talk. She looks big because her genes are like that. His grandfather, aunt and father are also like that. They're all very tall, so Gianna's got that from them. So when they (trollers) talk negatively about her, I feel very bad."

When people trolled Gianna for not being able to speak yet 

By the way, this is not the first time that Charu has given a befitting reply to the trollers. Earlier in a vlog, Charu talked about the negative comments she was getting from people asking why her daughter, Ziyana, hasn't started talking yet. Talking about the same, Charu had told that Ziana speaks few words and talks all the time. However, she doesn't record for 24 hours, so her fans don't get to see Ziana speak.

She also asked people to be a little sensitive towards a child and a new mother, as she is already going through a rough patch. Revealing that she is tired and annoyed with such advice, Charu had said, "All I want is for you all to relax and if you are a mother, you will be able to relate to me. When you become a mother, many people must have given you a lot of advice and suggestions and you all must be tired of it, so please don't do this to me. Charu Asopa  calls sister-in-law sushmita sen a 'fighter', says- 'My daughter is as strong as him'

Divorce of Charu Asopa and rajeev Sen

Please tell that the final hearing of the divorce of Charu Asopa and rajeev Sen is to be held on june 8, 2023. Earlier, in an interview with 'ETimes TV', rajeev talked about raising his daughter Ziana together with his estranged wife Charu. 

He had said, "Ziana will always be my priority. Sometimes you have to look at the bigger picture. It's not about a person, it's just about the child. For me as a father, she needs to be treated like that." Providing and creating security is very important. Making sure she is being brought up in the right way."

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