Another Ramayana After Adipurush?

The mythical movie Adipurush, starring prabhas and based on the epic Ramayana, is slated to arrive in theatres on june 16. However, it seems that another Ramayana movie adaption is also planned to hit theatres shortly. Although this epic is a story that might be recounted often, one may question why.
We are intrigued to find out who will portray Rama, Sita, and Ravan after hearing that acclaimed filmmaker Nitesh Tiwari, known for successes like "Dangal" and "Chichhore," has been meticulously writing an elaborate script for a new Ramayana movie over an extended period of time.

Several sources initially recommended deepika padukone and Sai Pallavi, respectively, for the part of Sita, while hrithik roshan was also reportedly considered for the role of Ravana. However, the most recent rumour among movie buffs is that Nitesh Tiwari has signed a contract with alia bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor, a celebrity pair in indian cinema, for this big project. The likelihood that kgf actor yash would portray the powerful role of Raavan will heighten the anticipation. allu aravind and madhu mantena are purportedly producing this large-scale endeavour.
A formal announcement is rumoured to be coming around the diwali celebrations, which would be months after the premiere of Prabhas' Adipurush movie. Given that Adipurush will soon be released, it will be interesting to see what Nitesh Tiwari truly extracts from the Ramayana—a battle story with Hollywood-caliber special effects, or a love story between Rama and Sita? watch and wait.

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