Samantha is building her leg muscles..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Samantha is building her leg muscles..!?
The lifespan of heroines is very short. They have done 10 films in a row which means that their chances will decrease after that. That's why heroines also earn money only when they have time. No, those who want to advance their careers will struggle even more. No matter how hard it is, they work hard and sweat in the gym to maintain their physique. Exercising can make you pretty fit. That's why they go to great lengths for it.
Tollywood star heroine samantha takes the lead in working out for hours in the gym. It has been almost a decade since she entered the industry. However, she is still receiving crazy offers, which means that it can be said that besides her acting prowess, beauty fitness is also the reason. She devotes her life to her fitness. From time to time, samantha shares videos of herself struggling in the gym. Recently she also shared some photos and videos.
She is doing a tough workout to build up her leg muscles. It is noteworthy that it also repeats 100 times. One has to be shocked to see the struggle she goes through for her muscle shape. Meanwhile, samantha is currently acting in Khushi directed by Nirvana. She is acting opposite Vijay Dewara Konda in this movie. The movie is currently being shot in Turkey. On the other hand, samantha is also acting in the indian version of Citadel.
Meanwhile, hollywood offers are also lining up for her. So far chennai Story has bagged an offer. Apart from these, it is reported that more offers are also coming. It seems that she is in turkey and giving auditions for that.

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