UV Creations’ Understanding With Jagan For Adipurush ?

A severe financial crisis is affecting uv creations Banner. Their next big-budget release is Adipurush. The success of this movie is crucial for UV since they have some medium-range initiatives planned for the future. Since they sold the ap and TS licences to people media Factory, they are already debt-free. However, success here will raise the Banner's brand value. The latest great hit from uv creations, Radhe Shyam, only had a 25 Rupee increase in Andhra Pradesh. Back then, the debate over ticket prices was at its height.
The uv creations creators are close friends with the ap CM. But to demonstrate his objectivity, jagan later declined to raise the price for Radhe Shyam. This time, uv creations got the Ticket Price off to a head start on the groundwork. Despite their close relations with the ap CM, they are hesitant because of Radhe Shyam's past. Prior to the 2024 elections, they agreed to make yatra 2, a propaganda movie for the ysr Congress. The political film will have a more popular colour thanks to the UV production.
This follow-up, which is based on Jagan's Padayatra and his ascent to prominence, is being made by mahi V Raghav, who also helmed yatra, a biography of late andhra pradesh Chief minister YS Rajasekhar Reddy. In andhra pradesh, they anticipate a price increase of at least 100 Rupees for producing a propaganda video for Jagan. Adipurush may choose to pay the highest price of 295 Rupees in telangana as well as the price that applies to 3D versions on such displays. There is talk of PMF applying for a 50 Rupee price increase, but the industry is dubious about foot traffic, particularly given that Adipurush is a mythical movie. However, PMF is torn because the Nizami film might cost as much as 60 Crore.

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