World Heritage Day : All that you need to know...

S Venkateshwari
World heritage Day : All that you need to know...

A major component of our national and cultural identities is derived from our cultural heritage. It also has great historical significance and fosters a sense of connection between us and our rich past. Monuments and historic buildings, however, require safeguarding and care. Raising awareness of their importance and motivating people to work together to protect the world's heritage properties are crucial. Because of our heritage, we are connected to our past. The international Day for Monuments and Sites is another name for World heritage Day.

Date: april 18 is designated as World heritage Day each year. The big day falls on thursday this year. History: The idea of celebrating World heritage Day on april 18 each year was presented by The international Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) in 1982. The suggestion was accepted by the UNESCO General Conference the following year. Ever since, april 18 is set aside as a special day to commemorate it. Historic places and monuments are frequently destroyed by urbanization, natural disasters, and human activity. The day emphadata-sizes how crucial it is to keep them safe and intact.

Importance: Experience diversity and discover new things is this year's World heritage Day theme. The world's heritage includes natural landscapes, historical monuments, cultural activities, customs, rituals, and prehistoric ruins. It's critical to protect them. In addition to being valued for their cultural worth, UNESCO has acknowledged their universal significance. In addition to being tourist destinations, these historical places can support the local economy. They enable us to get a glimpse into our fascinating past and other eras that we were previously ignorant about. They must be saved and guarded for upcoming generations.

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