Diwali in US: Indian students getting together!!!

S Venkateshwari
Diwali in US: indian students getting together!!!


Halloween celebrations in the united states are closely followed by diwali celebrations. Over time, diwali festivities have grown in scope in the united states, with the festival of lights being observed in well-known locations such as Times Square in New York City and Disneyland in California. The white house has been observing diwali celebrations. 

In June, New York Mayor Eric Adams announced that diwali will henceforth be celebrated as a public holiday as well. He said that he would be pleased to add his name to the bill that will make diwali a school holiday. In order to be faithful to their culture, indian students in the US observe Diwali. 

Indian students in the united states celebrate diwali to stay connected to their culture. As a result, these students' efforts to maintain a connection to their heritage have begun to foster an acceptance of diverse cultures among Americans and foreign residents of the country. To maintain the festivities, indian students create their own small towns and organizations, many of which are made up of Americans.

Diwali may appear paler in some regions of the country due to Halloween activities, according to 28-year-old Kajari Saha of the university of California, Santa Barbara. But Kajari clarified, "I believe that's reasonable to anticipate when getting to live in an entirely distinct country."I had a good time during Halloween. I also had the good fortune to live with indian friends, with whom I could celebrate Diwali.

Every year since coming to this place two years ago, my friends and I have celebrated Diwali. It's more important to me to feel like I belong. Considering how many indian immigrants there are in America, I think it's becoming increasingly common. Though Americans have started participating throughout time, indian communities across the nation celebrate it primarily. It's a pleasure to see the culture spread," she continued.

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