Will open-book exams help kids think more creatively?

S Venkateshwari
Will open-book exams help kids think more creatively?

According to professor dilip Shakya, problem-solving techniques and creative thinking are independent of any particular framework. The implementation of any new system does not ensure that a child's capacity for creative thought or problem solving will grow. These abilities are reliant on the quality of our staff, the academic atmosphere, and the amount of drive and information they can impart in the students. Only when there are competent teachers and strong library resources can there be an effective education system.

Professor dilip stated that there were numerous issues with the online open book exams that were administered during the Covid-19 pandemic at delhi University and Jamia Millia Islamia. He goes on to add that any advancement in the sphere of education need to be embraced. However, our preparations ought to be finished at the same time. The infrastructure of tiny communities and rural schools is now inadequate. The scheme may work well if the government fortifies the infrastructure. We support the open book system as an experiment, but demonstrations will occur if the necessary infrastructure is not built.

It is obvious that introducing the open book test system without enough planning might have detrimental effects on students and teachers. This will make fraud and copying more likely. students who perform better on tests without books and notes can find this approach to be unfair. However, it could be challenging for the examiner to verify the duplicate.

There are regional differences in India's educational attainment. Exams that are open-book may also be unfair to students with limited resources or facilities. Not every student has access to books or notes. students have the option to demonstrate against the system in the streets in such a circumstance.

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