History of National Workaholics Day...

S Venkateshwari
History of National Workaholics Day...

Undoubtedly, achieving financial success via hard effort is not a sign of weakness; nonetheless, some individuals may encounter challenges in maintaining a harmonious equilibrium between their professional and personal lives. Some even go so far as to wear their careers as a mask, putting in extra long hours, eating in the workplace, and even sleeping there! The purpose of National Workaholics Day is to serve as a gentle reminder that it is worthwhile to strive for a positive and balanced existence.

National Workaholics Day's origin tale

Although the idea of a workaholic may have existed in human history, the term "workaholic" was probably first used in the 1940s. The Toronto Star newspaper published the term's first printed usage in 1947. The word was a play on the word "alcoholic," which was coined by a Swedish doctor about a century ago.

Though the term "workaholic" is sometimes used colloquially, it can genuinely refer to a psychological disease in certain individuals, where the person has an extreme addiction or dependence on work that surpasses the typical work ethic of an individual.

The purpose of National Workaholics Day is to raise awareness of the importance of balance and rest for the body and mind. It is hoped that those who have a tendency toward workaholism may think about participating in some other activities.

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