An 8000-year-old temple still exists in Saudi Arabia!!!

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An 8000-year-old temple still exists in Saudi Arabia!!!

Saudi Arabia is a nation of Muslims. However, this is the location of an 8,000-year-old temple. This is being spoken about everywhere. Additionally, it is stated that this temple was used to worship the Kahal deity. In fact, the Saudi authorities declared in 2022 that the 8000-year-old archaeological site Al Fa had been found southwest of Riyadh, the country's capital. Here, the remnants of a temple have also been discovered by the Saudi Archaeological Department team.

Currently, the most significant finding at this archaeological site is thought to be the discovery of the temple. Stone is used to build this temple. There have also been some altar remnants discovered. This unequivocally shows that the inhabitants of the Al Fa region once engaged in worship and ceremonial practices. This archaeological site dates to the Neolithic or Neolithic period, according to the Archaeological Department. There are also 2807 interred burials from various eras and a stone altar here. Six categories are used to categorize these tombs. The group claimed that the rock was carvedin order to build this shrine. This temple was constructed close to the Al Fa region, on the edge of the Tuwaiq mountain. Another name for it is Khashem Kariyah. This was once a place of worship.

People adored idols

Modern technology was employed by Saudi specialists to find this archaeological site. In addition, they employed laser scanning, geophysical surveys, drones, remote sensing, and radar-based on the ground. It is reported that the god Kahal was once worshipped by the residents of Al Fa. The construction of these structures was designed to allow for easy construction in arid and extremely hot climates. There are also numerous pits and a few water pools constructed here. This discovery demonstrates the existence of a temple culture and idol worship in Neolithic Saudi Arabia.

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