Why so many hoardings in India?

S Venkateshwari

Why so many hoardings in India?

Actually, there are many reasons behind this but the most important reason is considered to be the law of India. In our country, to show an advertisement on TV, one has to go through many rules. But there are no such rules in banners or posters. That's why most people stick their small posters on walls or poles illegally.

Why are citizens troubled by these hoardings?

The incident of hoarding falling in the Ghatkopar area of mumbai is not the first such incident. Just a few days ago, a similar accident happened in pune also. Earlier in 2018, 3 people had died due to falling of hoarding in Pune. Such accidents have happened many times. Nowadays, illegal banners and hoardings are put up at most of the intersections, signals and junctions of the city. This proves to be a big problem for people. Due to the installation of hoardings, the width of many roads gets reduced and the movement around is also not clearly visible. Due to these hoardings, people data-face difficulty in walking on the roads. There is also obstruction in traffic. In some cases, it has even proved fatal.

A big accident has happened in Pune

In the month of April 2023, five people died due to the collapse of the Pimpri Chinchwad hoarding board in pune district. While two people were injured. Those who died in this accident included four women and one man. In this city also, the hoarding had fallen due to the storm and due to bad weather at that time, many people were standing in the puncture shop under the hoarding.

Mother and daughter lost their lives in Lucknow

Apart from this, in the month of June 2023, a similar accident took place at the atal bihari vajpayee (Ekana) cricket Stadium in lucknow in which a woman and her daughter sitting in a car died due to the fall of a hoarding.

Hoardings have already been described as dangerous

In the year 2013, pune Municipal Corporation sent a letter to the Railway Administration calling the huge hoardings put up without roads as unauthorized and dangerous. However, no one paid attention to this at that time.

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