Disease X: Another pandemic is ready to strike!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Disease X: Another pandemic is ready to strike…!?
 Scientists warn that another pandemic is ready to hit the world. He concluded that Covid-19 was just a teaser. Viruses are actually more likely to attack first. Dame Kate Bingham, head of the UK's vaccine taskforce, has issued a warning. It is estimated that this pandemic will kill at least 5 million people. Dame said  we are all lucky that Covid-19 has not affected us to this extent. The new pandemic was named “Disease X”. He made an alarming statement that could soon shake the world. According to the World health Organization (WHO), 70 million people worldwide have died from Covid. Dame Kate Bingham has revealed that Disease X is seven times more effective than Covid. On the anniversary of the 1918-19 flu. At that time, the disease had killed 5 million people.
“Maybe a virus seven times more dangerous than Covid will strike soon. Like the 1918-19 flu epidemic, millions of people could die from this virus. However, some viruses mutate and attack over time. Not all of these viruses are dangerous. But... some can be deadly. Currently, 25 viruses are being researched. The worrying thing is that each of these viruses will turn into thousands of viruses. They become epidemics. There is no possibility of an increase in the number of viruses that can spread from animals to humans.
 Dame warned that some people infected with Covid-19 have recovered quickly, but the next virus could be as deadly as measles and Ebola. And british scientists are working on creating a vaccine against this virus. They test in highly secure laboratories. 200 scientists work there. Viruses that infect humans from animals such as avian influenza, chickenpox and hantavirus are also  studied. As we hold our breath knowing that the coronavirus is far away from us, World health Organization (WHO) Director-General Adhanom Tedros drops another bombshell. He also warned us to prepare for another pandemic. He said it could be worse than Covid. His comments are sensational at a time when the spread of COVID-19 is slowing in most countries. “Just because Covid-19 is no longer a global health emergency does not mean there is no threat to anyone,” Telchi said.

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