A New Revolution in Higher Education

A New Revolution in Higher Education. "Acharya" Creating Tomorrow's Leaders - A Glimpse!

Acharya : By bridging the gap between academia and industry, acharya is creating tomorrow's leaders. From Engineering to Physiotherapy, there are various types of courses here.

Acharya prepares students to thrive in a rapidly evolving world. The transition from school to college marks a critical moment in development. When it comes to higher education, the courses and paths we choose are varied, making finding the right college difficult.

This is where acharya provides a holistic educational environment that prepares the students. It equips students for future challenges and opportunities. Amid the confusion of what to choose, acharya emerges. Guiding students in the light, making them realize the paradigm of higher education, Bangalore-based Acharya.

According to a recent report, there are more than 36,000 higher education institutions in India. But acharya stands apart from the traditional approach of teaching. Apart from imparting education to the students, it excels by offering courses that prepare the students for the requirements of the industry.

1. Certified enrichment programs

Acharya works with industry leaders such as Google, Siemens, L&T, Microsoft, IBM, Grant, Thornton, AWS, etc., and offers value-added certificate courses. The programs are designed to complement students' academic learning with a practical, industry-oriented approach. Obtaining the reputed certificates of the above organizations improves the competitiveness in the job market and their employment opportunities.

2. Internship & Placement

In addition to academic excellence, acharya prioritizes experiential learning through internships and work. job opportunities. Through strategic partnerships with leading institutions, students have access to acharya helps students gain real-world experience and establish valuable connections in their chosen field. More than 550 corporates visit acharya campus annually for engineering placements.

3. laptop inclusive education

Recognizing the important role of technology in education, acharya provides students with highly-configured laptops, depending on which course they opt for. These laptops are equipped with licensed software based on course requirements. Apart from that solid Wi-Fi connectivity allows students to access educational resources.

Acharya ensures a seamless and enriching educational experience by providing essential materials for students to collaborate with peers, engage in online learning activities on and off campus, and tools for wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW">digital learning.

4. Unlimited access to Coursera

As part of its commitment to lifelong learning, acharya offers students unlimited access to coursework. Allows access to over 11000 online courses, certifications, and learning. Through the resources of leading universities and institutions around the world, students are helped to continuously improve. acharya fosters lifelong learning and culture to keep students updated on industry trends.

5. Academics

Acharya's offerings go beyond academics. With a sprawling 120-acre campus

State-of-the-art facilities students have access to state-of-the-art laboratories, as well as sports infrastructure, and acharya has excellent sports facilities to foster a vibrant student community. The 10,000-seater stadium is designed to bring out teamwork, leadership, endurance, and determination in their sports infrastructure.

Bengaluru's largest inter-collegiate festival, various types of festivals, and more than 12000 programs, students from more than 75 nationalities are part of an institution with more than 1000 excellent faculty.

6. acharya makes you feel at home

At acharya, hostels provide students with high-quality facilities including advanced kitchens, security, etc. Purified water, Wi-Fi, security and on-campus medical assistance ensure safe and home-like learning. In basic essence, acharya is not just an educational institution; It is the environment in which a student thrives. students excel academically, professionally, and personally

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