Why South Koreans eagerly waiting to visit Ayodhya Temple..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Why South Koreans eagerly waiting to visit ayodhya Temple..!?
Do you know the reason why millions of South Koreans watched the ayodhya Ram Prana Pratishtha program? Millions of people living in south korea believe themselves to be of indian descent. It is an important event in history. According to this belief, many Koreans came and wanted to participate in the Rama Pratishtha ceremony in india two weeks ago. There has been an increase in interest among Koreans to come to india to visit the grandly constructed bala Rama or Baby Rama. people belonging to the "Kharak" community living in south korea, located four thousand five hundred kilometers from india, consider ayodhya as their grandmother's home. That is why, on january 22, people in south korea were enthralled watching the Pranapradishtha program at the ayodhya Ram temple on television.
Relationship between Korea and Ayodhya:
Most indians do not know that about 60 lakh people in south korea consider themselves to be of indian descent. people who consider themselves descendants of ayodhya princess Suriratna prefer to visit the ayodhya Rama temple for darshan.
Princess Suriratna of Ayodhya:
This is the story of Princess Suriratna of ayodhya, who married Kim Churo, king of Korea, about two thousand years ago in AD 48. According to Korean mythology, about 2,000 years ago, Princess Suriratna of ayodhya traveled 4,500 kilometers to Korea and married Kim Churo, who founded the Gaya (present-day Korea) empire. When she was crowned queen of Korea, Princess Suriratna's name changed to Hyo Hwang Ok.
Although queen Hyo Hwang Ok was renamed, the fact that she was born and raised in ayodhya is the basis of strong cultural and religious ties between Korea and India.
In 2001, a memorial to queen Hyo Hwang Ok was established on the banks of the sarayu River in collaboration between the government of Uttar Pradesh and the government of South Korea. Members of South Korea's "Karak" community, who consider themselves descendants of ayodhya Princess Suriratna, visit ayodhya every year to pay their respects at queen Hyo Hwang Ok's memorial. It is worth noting that the ayodhya temple for Child Rama is located just a few kilometers away from the rani Heo Memorial Park. ayodhya Ram temple, what else could be the reason to attract Korean tourists? Henceforth, ayodhya will become one of the most popular tourist destinations for Koreans.
Just as people in south korea see ayodhya as their ancestral home, so do large numbers of people in North Korea. Because the ayodhya princess became the queen of Korea centuries before the split of Korea, i.e. two thousand years. But the regime and administration of north korea do not even let the will of the people speak out. According to the ancient Korean historical literature "Samguk Yusa", queen Kimhae Hyo is said to have arrived in Korea from "Ayuta" in AD 48. The South Korean Embassy in X Media, in its greetings to india on the january 22 consecration, said, "Ayodhya is an important place for Korea-India relations. It has a great symbolic significance based on the marriage connection between queen Suriratna (Hyo Hwang-ok). In 48 AD Greetings to Gaya (Korea) at the birthplace of our ancestors from ayodhya," it said.
In 2015, prime minister Narendra Modi and former South Korean President moon Jae-in signed an MoU to expand the Princess Suriratna Memorial.
Indian Ambassador N Parthasarathy, who served as ambassador to south korea, wrote a novel based on Suriratna's life. The novel was translated and published in Korean as "Bi Dan Hwang Hoo". The National Book Trust of india has published a children's book based on a novel about the ayodhya princess in Korea.

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