Why the medicines are packed in aluminum foil..?

Sowmiya Sriram
Why the medicines are packed in aluminum foil..?
Package material plays an important role in the safety of drugs and its vigor in the pharmaceutical industry. Packing materials in the pharmaceutical industry are of great importance to prevent the combination of fillers in the product, increase the durability of the drug, and avoid damaging pockets. Packaging disorders can be a significant risk because drugs should be protected from environmental factors and human contact. Aluminum is selected for baking drugs for some of its excellent qualities. Aluminum does not cause itching. Moisture and temperature in the air do not affect this. This makes the drugs the best benefits in the packet of drugs.
In addition, ultraviolet rays, steam, oil, fat, oxygen, and microorganisms can not cause any effect on aluminum packaging. Aluminum cooking utensils do not make any reaction with food. There will be no bacteria attack on the materials placed in it. Does not change the flavor. Foods placed in aluminum utensils are not toxic. This choice of packaging contributes significantly to extending the life of the capsule. It is best to use aluminum in drug packaging. Aluminum plays an important role in maintaining the quality and performance of the drugs for a lifetime. Not only that but also aluminum can be created in any form. In addition, a major advantage is that it can be reused by the recycling of aluminum plates, aluminum cans, and other aluminum packaging materials.
Aluminum compounds are widely used in a variety of prescribed drugs. These include some antacids, buffer aspirins, diarrhea, tows, and hemorrhoids. Aluminum compounds are also used as a sub-product in vaccines. Despite the health risks of using aluminum plates and containers, these risks are usually very low. However, aluminum products should be carefully used. It is important to avoid aluminum for high temperatures and acidic foods. The benefits of aluminum packaging are the lighter material from oxygen and light for long-term oxygen and light, which is waterproof and greaseproof. It is difficult to break aluminum containers, does not affect fire, is easily recycled, is easy to use, and it is easy to print the drug details on aluminum cards.

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