Why politics in sports..? Supporting Pakistan is a crime..?

Sowmiya Sriram
Why politics in sports..? Supporting pakistan is a crime..?
The criticism of chennai fans for supporting the pakistan team in the world cup has become a topic of conversation on social media. Many people have been posting on social media criticizing chennai fans for supporting the pakistan team in the World Cup. National boundaries and politics should never be a barrier to celebrating talent. Actors, athletes, and musicians from different countries are celebrated all over the world to celebrate it. But an event like no one should celebrate only certain nationalities can be seen being carried out by a few people in India. Many on social media are criticizing chennai fans for supporting the pakistan team.
The cricket world cup League match between india and pakistan was held in Ahmedabad. When Rizwan was dismissed in that match, the fans in the stadium chanted jai Sriram at him. A related video went viral on the internet. It was further alleged that only Hindu religious songs were broadcast in the stadium and no pro-Pakistan songs were broadcast. tamil Nadu minister Udayanidhi strongly condemned the chanting of jai Shriram at the stadium. He also said that sport is about promoting brotherhood. Following this, the pakistan team played against the afghanistan team on the 23rd and yesterday against the South African team in Chennai. During these matches, many chennai fans supported the pakistan team. Wearing the team's jersey, they went to the ground and chanted slogans in support. Videos related to this also went viral on social media.
The pakistan team got the fan support they didn't get in ahmedabad when they played in Chennai. However, pakistan could not claim victory. Unsuccessful in last four matches played. The pakistan team's failure in the match against the afghanistan team came under heavy criticism.
Criticisms pouring in on social media:
Sport transcends politics and hate. chennai fans supported the pakistan team as a sign of that. However, this is being severely criticized by one party. Some people are posting comments to incite hatred. For example, someone who shared a video of chennai fans supporting the pakistan team at the stadium said, "Every soldier who is risking his life every minute on the indian data-border for our security would be proud to see this." "These people who support pakistan are intelligent fans, it is because of DMK's support that pakistan continues to fail," they tease. Many people are presenting worse ideas and violent political posts than this. sports are important in promoting friendship between nations. It is a unifying force for countries in different regions and a tool for fostering true brotherhood. Games are also an important aspect of making people forget their likes and dislikes and realize that they are all human beings. That's the kind of support chennai fans gave to the pakistan team. chennai fans celebrate Pakistan's match. But is it fair for some parties to insist that no indian should support the pakistan team, which is contradictory on important issues like politics and data-border security?
Indian players did not get due respect when they visited Pakistan. Some say that why should we give them respect? If they don't know about hospitality, should we? We should point out their fault by actions and not by what hospitality means. What is the difference between them and you, because they are going to take revenge for revenge?

An India-Pakistan match in any sport, not just in cricket, is advertised as a great battle. Advertisements made by some media including television for their revenue have caused hatred against the pakistan team to develop among some indian fans. If sports are considered only as a platform for talent and entertainment, the talent of any nation can be enthusiastically celebrated. But trying to turn sport into a symbol for politics and religion narrows the concept of taste.

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