what is the difference between the two?

Sowmiya Sriram
what is the difference between the two?
Now two incidents are leading to intense discussion in the country. Moreover, these have become viral on social media as well. Both the heroes became popular all over the country at the same time with their actions. However, there is a discussion on social media that one of these two has become a real hero, while the other has become a real villain. Udayanidhi stalin, the son of tamil Nadu chief minister stalin, famous film actor, and minister in the DMK government, said that Sanatana dharma is like Corona, Dengue, and Malaria and should not be controlled but eradicated. His comments were condemned by bjp leaders, Hindu communities, Trinamool congress, and the congress party.
As a person, Udayanidhi can express his views, but as a minister, he should treat all people equally. Udayanidhi is also said to be a Christian. A photo of a pastor taking Udayanidhi blessing while planting his feet in a church is going viral. people of different religions visit temples, churches and even mosques in this country.
As such, Udayanidhi, who is an MLA, a minister, and a popular film actor, is being criticized for not being neutral towards all religions or treating them all equally, but speaking to denigrate Hindus. And bollywood King Khan.. Shahrukh Khan's latest movie... Jawaan. The movie will be released in a few days. In this background, Shah Rukh, who is a Muslim, visited Sri vaishno devi temple, a famous temple in Jammu. Moreover, he recently came to tirumala and visited Sri Venkateswara Swami along with his family and expressed his devotion. Thus he expressed his faith in Hindu Gods. He also gave the same message to his family. Thus he won everyone's hearts. But in contrast to this, Udayanidhi stalin won the elections with the votes of Hindus and acted to hurt their sentiments. netizens think that while Shah Rukh Khan became a real hero with his actions, Udayanidhi became a real villain.

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