Telangana Hyderabad - Ice cream parlour, Restaurants Raided

On Thursday, a food safety department task team from telangana visited eateries and an ice cream shop in Hyderabad's jubilee hills neighborhood. They found unsanitary conditions at the restaurants during the inspection.

Live cockroaches found in store area at restaurant in Hyderabad

Expiration dates of sneha Chicken, Bull Dog sauce, Mala's Orange Marmalade, Tiparos fish sauce, mayonnaise, and cashews contaminated with fungus valued at Rs 4,970 were discovered at Makau Kitchen and Bar. Live cockroaches were discovered in the restaurant's retail section. During the raid, further concerns about cleanliness were also found.

At 36 Downtown Brew Pub, expired food items such as sneha Chicken, Done Mushroom, Hoisin Sauce, and others worth Rs 4,000 were found. It was also found that the outlet was not following hygiene-related norms.

Proper labeling missing at ice cream parlor in Hyderabad

Ice cream cones kept inside the refrigerator and ice cream kept in steel containers were discovered to be improperly labelled at Natural Ice Cream. Furthermore, it was stated that food workers lacked medical fitness certifications.
Such unsanitary conditions have been seen in hyderabad eateries previously, too. Concerns over the quality of food provided at the city's restaurants have previously been voiced by locals.
It is unclear what steps the task committee would take to address Hyderabad's eateries and ice cream parlor.

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