AP Elections 2024 - Ground Report is Here!

In the 175-member andhra pradesh assembly elections, the incumbent YSRCP party is predicted to win between 93 and 96 seats, according to a ground report by Janmat Polls. With 77–79 seats, the opposition tdp coalition is predicted to come in last. The poll report is being widely disseminated on social media. The opposition parties are taken aback by this, since their dreams of regaining power have been crushed.

According to polling statistics, tdp has not been able to win over rural voters' trust, whereas YSRCP has increased their vote share in villages. The ground assessment does, however, suggest that the alliance of the opposition has a modest advantage among urban voters. In general, village voter turnout has exceeded city voter turnout. This makes it rather evident that the YSRCP is gaining ground.
The ground report was released barely one day after chief minister YS Jaganmohan reddy said with confidence that the YSRCP will surpass the previous total of 22 MPs and 151 MLAs in the 2019 elections, winning with a record majority. In his speech to the I-PAC team, chief minister YS jagan expressed confidence and said that the nation will be startled by the outcome of the 2024 ap elections and would then devote its attention to Andhra Pradesh.

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