Samantha Gets a Special Gift - Has 'H&S' Engraved

The actor samantha Ruth Prabhu received a surprising present lately; it was something tailored for her. The star then shared the present in a little video that she shared on her account.
 There was a lovely locket with the initials "H&S" etched on it. Fans briefly began to speculate about the identity of this special someone. But when she opened the locket, she could see right away that it belonged to her dogs, Saasha and Haash. Because it displayed a photograph of Haash and Saasha which Ruth Prabhu went on to upload a few days earlier.  

Your browser does not support HTML5 video.She also thanked them and tagged the website where she got the locket. As is widely known, Ruth Prabhu has been in the headlines for her personal and professional lives. Although she broke up with naga chaitanya a long time ago, certain media professionals' admirers still hold her in high regard. Regarding her career, Ruth Prabhu is slated to release two films in 2023: Shakuntalam and Kushi.
She now has another massive OTT project planned in the form of the Raj & DK series, Citadel: Honey Bunny, opposite varun Dhawan, after making a major impact with her OTT debut in the family man 2.

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