Rolls-Royce to Co-Create Fighter Jet Engine..!!

S Venkateshwari
Rolls-Royce to Co-Create fighter Jet Engine..!!

If everything goes well and according to the wishes of the government of India. Also, if the indian Air Force approves, the next version of the indigenous fighter jet tejas will fly with the engine of that company, which could only be driven by kings and emperors sitting in a car made by them. This company is Rolls-Royce, which along with indian companies has offered to the government of india to develop a new fighter jet engine under 'Make in India'. This is considered to be great news for India's 5th Generation Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft Program (AMCA Programme). The special thing is that even though Rolls-Royce will make its technical contribution in preparing this engine, but the intellectual property (Intellectual Property) on this engine will remain with india only, that is, this engine will be called indigenous.

New engine will not be like Eurojet EJ200

The fighter jet engine that Rolls-Royce has agreed to develop with india will not be based on the Eurojet EJ200 engine. The Eurojet EJ200 is a low-bypass turbofan engine used as a powerplant on the Eurofighter Typhoon jet aircraft. This engine was built by Rolls-Royce along with three other companies under the Multi-National Engine Manufacturing Consortium. According to a Firstpost report, the EJ200 engine may also be used to develop the 110-120kN class engine for India's 5th generation AMCA (Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft) programme, but in that case the intellectual property rights of that engine will be with EuroJet Turbo GmbH. On the contrary, if the engine is prepared with Rolls-Royce, it will be called indian engine.

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