Tragedy continues..! Suicide in Chennai due to Online Rummy..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Tragedy continues..! Suicide in chennai due to Online Rummy..!?
How many more families are falling victim to online rummy games. Looking back at how many families have so far fallen victim to this dangerous game, the paradox is understandable. All of them belong to middle-class families. This is the first time a girl has bought a game on the 6th. Bhavani, a teenager from manali New Town, chennai, became addicted to the game, lost her jewelry and money, and committed suicide. As the online rummy affair continues to heat up in the heat of the incident, another fatality has now occurred. That too in the same sand.!
Anna Perumal hails from the first street in the sandy area next to Chennai. He seems to be a painting contractor. He is survived by his wife Varalakshmi and two sons. In this situation, for the last six months, Perumal has been playing rummy online, losing a lot of money, and coming out of depression due to debt. Perumal has lost nearly 20 pieces of gold jewelry and Rs 3 lakh in the game.
He has been suffering from not being able to say this outside. This is said to have led to frequent quarrels between Perumal and his wife Varalakshmi. In this case, Perumal mortgaged the cell phone he was using. The angry wife fights with him as usual. After that, the two went to sleep. When he woke up early in the morning, Perumal was lying dead in his room hanging from a nylon rope.
Varalakshmi was shocked to see this and was stunned. police rushed to the scene, seized Perumal's body, and sent it to Stanley government Hospital for autopsy. manali police have registered a case and are investigating the wife of the deceased in connection with the suicide.
Many, from the public to the opposition, have been protesting against the ban on this game, which is destroying tamil Nadu families. The law was introduced in the tamil Nadu assembly during the last AIADMK regime to ban online rummy. However, as the court overturned the law, the poison of online rummy began to spread in the state again. Following this, political party leaders, including social activists, are now pushing for a new law to ban online rummy. Will the tamil Nadu government do that?

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