Drugs in Bru Coffee Packets!

Sindujaa D N

Infinite means to the billion poor. Now drug addicts are selling the drug for three flowers and six nuts without finding new trends in the drug business. drugs are being supplied with innovative ideas.

Drugs seized once again in Hyderabad. police have arrested two drug peddlers and an African national in connection with the seizure of cocaine in Dhool Peta. An Innova car used to move drugs was seized.

Police have arrested a man named Sandeep, an African national, for selling drugs at an old pool. Excise Superintendent Vijay said 7 grams of cocaine was found in the honda Activa. It was revealed that another man was also caught with the information given by the African national.

He said 11 grams of cocaine were seized in his car. An African man residing in sun City said the house was searched. Another 38 grams of cocaine was seized there, the excise superintendent said. A total of 56 grams of cocaine was seized.

Authorities found that the African man was supplying from sun City along with Vanasthalipuram. Authorities concluded they were selling cocaine in Bru coffee packets without anyone suspecting. It was revealed that one gram of cocaine was being supplied in each packet.

Five thousand for the old ones and Rs 6,000 for the new ones. He brought it from delhi and sold it here, officials said. Authorities said Saduru was an African man who came in with a pharmacy student visa. police found Yagnanand residing in Charminar. Yagnanand is currently on the run. He was also released on bail four months after being arrested in a previous case.

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