Afghanistan Qualified for Semis - Australia Kicked Out of T20 World Cup

Afghanistan has completed the task. In their sporting history, this is the best day ever. They will play in the world cup semifinals. The feelings convey the meaning. A large number of the players are crying. Gurbaz, who was watching the game from the sidelines due to a knee injury, is crying uncontrollably. Tearful, Rashid was already on his knees. 

When it comes to the ball, naveen keeps things straightforward: the ball is full and straight to the stumps, Mustafizur is glued to the crease and is smacked on the rear pad, and the ball is smashed into the middle stump. My goodness! Let's all take a moment to relax. What a game we've just watched! The Super 8 stage could not have ended more fittingly. australia was eliminated from the world cup as a result of Afghanistan's semifinal booking. The players from afghanistan are circling the pitch.

Although they had their supporters, it would only be right to give them gratitude since the West indian people were also behind them. A few athletes have the flag of afghanistan around them. Now the tears have transformed into joy. Despite his limp, Gurbaz continues to follow his teammates.

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