TVK means Trisha Vijay Keerthy - A Leading Portal Trolls Vijay and Director reacts

Joseph Vijay and trisha krishnan are two of the most well-known actors in tamil film. Together, the pair has starred in several blockbusters and delivered numerous critically acclaimed films, showcasing their acting prowess. With her "late-birthday" tweet honoring her co-actor Leo on his 50th birthday, trisha krishnan has caused quite a fuss. Her birthday gift for Vijay has gone viral on social media, where users are excitedly dissecting every detail to fuel relationship speculations. 

There may be more to trisha and her partner than meets the eye, as shown by the endearing and subtly hinting birthday wish that trisha shared online. Online users drew attention to the music selection and phrase choice used in the message, which seemed to validate persistent allegations of their romantic engagement. According to rumors, Thalapathy Vijay and trisha, who have a lengthy and illustrious career filled with several hit films, have been dating for several years.
In this case, a tamil media portal shared the news where netizens trolled Vijay and trisha and shared the memes. However, director CS Amuthan reacted to that and quoted that tweet as, "Not a random YouTuber, an actual media organization."
Vijay and trisha have remained silent and never reacted to the matter so far. Check out some of the funny memes and trolls below,

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