BJD's big shift in stance over opposing BJP

Biju Janta Dal (BJP) president and former chief minister of odisha, naveen Patnaik, has urged his party's nine rajya sabha members to form a "vibrant and strong" opposition in the Upper house of Parliament, according to PTI. Patnaik and the parliamentarians met on Monday, and during that meeting, the message was delivered. Additionally, he requested that the legislators properly bring up matters about the interests of the state.

BJD rajya sabha MP Sasmit Patra told reporters, "The BJD MPs this time will not be confined to speaking on issues only, but are determined to agitate if the BJP-led government at the Centre ignores Odisha's interest." According to him, the BJD MPs would also bring up the state's low bank branch density and inadequate mobile connection in addition to their demand for odisha to be granted special status.
"The Centre has disregarded Odisha's request for a modification of the coal royalty for the past ten years. The state's citizens are suffering greatly as a result of being denied their just share, according to Patra. When asked if the BJD will stick to its previous posture of supporting the BJP-led administration on the basis of issues, he responded, "No more support to BJP, only opposition." We are willing to do everything it takes to safeguard Odisha's interests."

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