Keerthy Suresh Roped in as Brand Ambassador of PONDS

With over 177 years of rich history, Pond's Skin Institute, a worldwide recognized beauty brand, is excited to announce Keerthy suresh as their newest brand ambassador. Through this new collaboration, the brand hopes to strengthen its relationship with customers in South india and maintain its position as a health and beauty sector pioneer.

Renowned for its innovative skincare discoveries and several patents, Pond's Skin Institute has continuously established the standard for superiority within the beauty sector. Celebrated for her enduring beauty and powerful presence in indian film, Keerthy suresh epitomizes the brand's commitment to style and excellence. With cutting-edge research, captivating storytelling, and solid customer relationships, this partnership is expected to advance skincare innovation and enhance the brand's story.

"I am thrilled to join hands with Pond's Skin Institute, a brand I have long admired," Keerthy suresh remarked about her new position as ambassador for the company. A particular place in the hearts of many people across the nation, including mine, is reserved for Ponds. I'm eager for everyone to see what this great alliance has in store." The new tv ad for Pond, starring Keerthy suresh, will soon be released countrywide on conventional and wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW">digital media. Products from Pond's Skin Institute can be purchased online via e-commerce and quick-commerce platforms, as well as in contemporary and conventional retail stores.



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