Samantha drops her go-to therapy routine for complete body healing

Samantha has been fairly outspoken in the past several years about how she balances her daily work-life obligations with a holistic approach to attaining mental and physical well-being.  The actress from kushi has been transparent about her struggle with myositis, an uncommon inflammatory disease that affects the muscles. samantha has been open about her setbacks and victories on her road to recovery.

Samantha recently shared a post on instagram discussing the advantages of her preferred therapeutic methods. "I really enjoy these therapies!" she captioned the photo. They provide incredible benefits for the body and psyche. So, what are these methods sam is discussing? Let's investigate!
samantha listed Collagen Bed as the first therapeutic approach. This method is intended to mend the body at the cellular level and enhance skin health. She described the method as one that "encourages a youthful appearance and improves skin elasticity." Samantha went on to discuss the benefits of hyperbaric therapy, emphasising how it raises oxygen levels, accelerates healing, and improves general health.
She ended by discussing cryotherapy, which is among the most widely used therapeutic modalities and is highly recommended by athletes for their general health. The actress said, "Decreases inflammation, eases pain, and boosts energy levels," highlighting some of its possible advantages.

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