Trisha is the Girlfriend who posts after the Birthday to Stand Out - Netizens Troll

Vijay and trisha krishnan are two celebrated actors in the tamil film industry who have shared notable on-screen chemistry in several successful films. Their collaborations have been well-received, making them one of the most popular on-screen pairs in tamil cinema.

The Vijay-Trisha duo is remembered for their memorable songs, vibrant screen presence, and engaging performances. Their films often featured chart-topping music, further contributing to their popularity. Despite not working together as frequently in recent years, their past collaborations remain significant in tamil cinema. Both Vijay and trisha have continued to enjoy successful careers independently. 

Vijay is a leading star in tamil cinema with a massive fan following, while trisha has consistently delivered acclaimed performances across various genres. Their collaborations, especially in films like "Ghilli," have left a lasting impact on tamil cinema, demonstrating their ability to create box-office hits and memorable cinematic moments.  

In this case, Vijay celebrated his 50th birthday yesterday and trisha shared a personal photo of herself and Vijay in an elevator after the birthday. netizens trolled the actress as she is the girlfriend who posts after the birthday ends to stand out. The user also added, "The song choice and caption is taking me out "

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