Dear Shah Rukh, Don't Repeat the Mistake with Samantha

With Shah Rukh Khan's and Rajkumar Hirani's combined enormous skills for acting, fame, writing, and directing, it was expected that their partnership would result in a cinematic masterpiece. Despite making 450 crore globally, their first joint venture, Dunki, did not live up to the expectations of the investors. Due to its failure to live up to the great expectations placed on it, it was viewed as a significant letdown.
There have been recent rumors circulating that SRK and Hirani would work together again on an action-packed patriotic movie, and samantha might be part of the cast. Shah Rukh Khan has enjoyed success with back-to-back 1000-crore blockbusters like Jawan and Pathaan, but Dunki's lackluster reception casts doubt on the possibility of another film with Hirani.

In the last three years, the film industry has seen tremendous change. Once praised, Hirani's storytelling style now finds it difficult to connect with an audience engrossed with blockbuster productions like Animals, Salaars, and Jawans. His stories, which were previously surefire hits at the box office, are now more suited for OTT platforms than theatres since they don't have the theatrical quality that contemporary audiences desire. The aforementioned rumors are untrue, and our sources suggest that there are no firm plans for another SRK-Hirani partnership, despite rumors to the contrary.

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