The Real Reason Behind Pushpa 2 Postponement

Director sukumar reportedly was very wary and nervous about his next movie "Pushpa The Rule" from the start due to rumors that the film's august 15 release date will be moved to December. According to a source, "He is working extremely hard and didn't want to take any chances. He wanted only a surefire hit that crosses the box office figures of 'Pushpa1'." "Before confidently entering the sets, sukumar went through the screenplay a few times and rewrote it a few more times to plug out the loopholes, if any," he continues.

Even on the sets, he carried the same perfectionism with him and wasn't content with a select few sequences and images. In addition to reshooting a few scenes, he was taking longer to shoot important moments. He was finishing off the last scene he was filming, even though the day's plan called for four sequences. He notes that although things were becoming a little stressful on the sets, everyone cooperated, including superstar Allu Arjun, to meet the director's high standards and support his ambitious vision.

The filmmaker anticipated that the movie would make over Rs 1000 crores globally because of "Pushpa1's" enormous success. "The team was optimistic that the movie would become the next Rs 1000 crore grosser in indian cinema history, surpassing the records of SRK's 'Pathan' and others," he continues. "Allu Arjun's charisma, acting prowess, and elegant dancing made him the favorite of both tamil and malayalam audiences as well as hindi filmgoers."

For example, the group talked about Jhanvi Kapoor and Tripti Dimri's names for the highly anticipated song "Oo Antava" in the follow-up. "But the director was taking his time since he wanted a far greater name for the daring special song, so he held his cards close to his breast. Comparably, he desired the best for everyone, and the producers were fine with the release being postponed rather than applying pressure to the filmmaker since they are confident in his ability to produce a global smash hit," he says.

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