Krithi Shetty Not Willing to Promote 'THIS' movie?

The actress appears to be attractive. Krithi Shetty has been causing director Sriram Aditya and people media Factory some restless nights since she doesn't comprehend the significance of promotions. The source further states, "She promoted the film before release and left for Chennai." "She was asked to spare two days for promotion after her recent film 'Manamey' got good openings, but she cited her tamil commitments and avoided calls," the source claims. 

These days, post-release marketing initiatives like going to cinemas and interacting with the media are quite important. Actresses' involvement in advertising boosts sales and may bring in additional revenue, he continues. She allegedly told the production company that she couldn't spare dates since she had films with pradeep Ranganathan and Karthi. The actors at theatres have to put forth twice as much effort to keep the cash registers ringing since audiences are unwilling to go. 

Krithi was counting on "Manamey" to stage a type of return in the tollywood film industry, but he notes that she avoided the marketing and had an impact on the collections, which have been declining since Monday, managing to generate over Rs 11 crore in net collections. While Krithi turned a blind eye, producers are spending a bomb on the creation of the film and want to recoup it, so young actresses need to allocate more time for pre-and post-release activities. "This is a pretty unhealthy habit," he says in closing.

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