Kangana Ranaut says Politics is Harsh Life and Films are Easier

Recently, kangana ranaut, running on a bjp ticket, was victorious in the lok sabha elections 2024, having secured the Mandi seat. The actor-turned-politician stated that it is far simpler to work in films than it is in politics in an interview with The Himachali Podcast. She said that she had previously been approached about entering politics.

Kangana said in hindi during the interview, "I've been contacted to get involved in politics before. I've previously had a number of other offers. I was offered a ticket after my first gangster performance. For a minimum of three terms, my great-grandfather served as an MLA. Upon becoming a member of such a family and seeing some success, the local leaders will reach out to you. It happens a lot. My father, in fact, had been given an offer as well. After surviving an acid assault, my sister received an invitation to enter politics. Therefore, receiving political offers is not a huge concern for us.I didn't really need to go to all of this bother if I wasn't interested in this.

"I am a person who goes with passion," she continued. I work as an actor, writer, director, and producer in the film industry as well. If I need to interact with the individuals here in order to further my political career, I will do so. Nothing is required of you. I would concede, though, that working in the film business is generally simpler than working in politics. The latter requires a great deal of work. Like being a doctor, this is a hard existence where the only patients you have are the disturbed ones. You are at ease when you go to see a movie. However, that is not how politics work.

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