Pushpa 2 The Rule Postponed - Movie Won't Release on August ?

Pushpa 2: It's filming time for The Rule. The crew has one more month to finish the shoot, but allu arjun set a tough deadline of the middle of june to wind up the shooting sections. Some of the episodes have been redone by sukumar and his crew, and they were just reshot. The main adversary of the movie, Fahadh Faasil, recently received dates, and his scenes are presently being filmed. 

Navin Nooli is working on the edit cut as the film's editor, Karthika Srinivas, left the production. sukumar is not impressed with the visual effects work, and he believes it will take longer to finish. As per the schedule, the shoot of pushpa 2: The Rule will take place till the end of July.

Given the current state of affairs, pushpa 2: The Rule's scheduled august 15th release is utterly unrealistic. Although the film's producers are putting more and more pressure on Sukumar, the release date could slip. allu arjun shares the team's desire for constant effort and timely completion of the task. However, pushpa 2: The Rule cannot, for the time being, release on screens in the intended manner. We will have to wait and see what transpires.

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