Meet the Actress who cancelled her Marriage and wanted to be a Criminal Psychologist

She is an actress who captivates audiences with her breathtaking beauty and formidable dance abilities. She initially second-guessed her decision to pursue a career in movies, but now she stars in one of the highest-grossing films of 2023 and keeps making waves with her next ventures.
Yes, we are referring to the one and only trisha krishnan, an actress who is pursuing her acting profession to the fullest and doesn't plan on slowing down. Let's examine her life over the years, both personal and professional.

After winning the beautiful Smile award at the 2001 Miss india contest and capturing everyone's attention, trisha krishnan embarked on her film career. Despite her initial reluctance to perform, the actress—who had won the Miss chennai title in 1999—was progressively launching her career.
The actress, who is currently quite popular in tamil films, originally intended to pursue a career in criminal psychology. The actress made her debut in Falguni Pathak's music video for the song Meri Chunar Udd Udd Jaye, which starred ayesha takia in the main role, in the midst of all this. She even appeared as Simran's buddy in a supporting role in the romance movie Jodi.

The actress made her screen debut in the 2003 film Lesa Lesa when director priyadarshan quickly sought her to play the main part in his tamil flick. With her charisma and beaming grin, trisha made quite an impression when she first entered the profession. Like her hit song, we even started calling her "Aval Ulaghazhagi," which translates to "She is the most beautiful girl on earth."
 Even though priyadarshan directed the movie initially, its release was postponed. As a result, Suriya's movie Mounam Pesiyadhe became her first-ever theatrical release. With the latter, trisha gained recognition as a possible lead in tamil film, and reviewers hailed her as an intriguing newcomer to the field. 

Following that, the actress played a cancer patient in the film Manasellam, which was released to little fanfare. Nevertheless, the tremendous economic success of the film Saamy, in which she co-starred with Chiyaan Vikram, changed the course of her career.
In the end, this masala movie became the highest-earning film of the year. AR Rahman's musical prowess had a major role in the critical success of her next production, Enakku 20 Unakku 18.

Personal Life

Trisha Krishnan was born in chennai on May 4, 1984, into a tamil Palakkad Iyer family. She finished her education there and received a Bachelor of business Administration degree.
 The actor, who still lives in chennai with her mother and grandmother, is a polyglot who speaks English, Hindi, tamil, and French. She also practices vegetarianism. Her mother Uma Krishnan has always been a source of encouragement for her professional endeavors; at one time, kamal haasan even extended offers for her to play different parts in films. But Trisha's mother had always rejected them, focusing only on her daughter's work. 

In addition, back in january 2015, trisha krishnan was secretly engaged to varun Manian, a businessman located in Chennai. But in a few months, the pair had broken up and called it quits on their engagement.



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