Star Heroine's Wedding - Senseless Controversy!

Zaheer Iqbal and Dabanng actress sonakshi sinha have long maintained their privacy about their relationship. Their endearing conversations on instagram have not been missed, though. There are now rumors circulating that the pair will wed on june 23, 2024, in a private ceremony. Sonakshi responded to the rumors by saying, "First of all, it's nobody's business." Secondly, I have the option. More people than my parents question me about my marriage.

The actors of Sonakshi's most recent tv series, Heeramandi, will be present at the small-scale wedding in Mumbai, which will be attended by close friends and family. According to insiders, the pair has been living together for more than a year. With Notebook, zaheer iqbal, who has close relations to salman khan but hails from a non-filmy background, made his acting debut in 2019. Later, in 2022, he co-starred in Double XL with Sonakshi.
Shatrughan Sinha, Sonakshi's father, said to a media outlet in anticipation of their impending wedding, "I also know only that much that media knows." My wife and I will bestow our blessings on the pair if and when she confides in me. "Today's kids don't ask for consent, they just inform," he said hilariously. Regretfully, there have been issues with their relationship. Their interfaith union has drawn criticism on social media from others, who refer to it as "Love Jihad."

These unfounded charges are indicative of a narrow-minded viewpoint that turns an individual's decision into a socio-political problem. It is imperative to acknowledge that people, particularly women, are not objects to be controlled. They are intelligent and independent enough to select their own companions. It is past time for society to value and honor this variety. The marriage of sonakshi sinha and zaheer iqbal ought to be honored as a victory of liberty and love. Let's get over outmoded ideas and celebrate the uniqueness of varied partnerships.

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