After Elections, it's time for Prabhas to press the gas

The whole attention of the Andhra and telangana population is on the upcoming andhra pradesh election results. With the clock ticking for the election results on june 4th, practically everyone is looking forward to the public mandate. prabhas must begin his batting immediately as the election results are announced, with kalki scheduled for release on june 27th.
Now that the spotlight is on the ap results, things will gradually clear up starting june 5th. So it is up to prabhas and the kalki crew to take the initiative with the advertising campaign. The public is also totally focused on the election mandate, and the dynamic will alter once the results are released. kalki, the first celebrity film to be released in a long time, will be met with high expectations.
The vacuum will benefit kalki even more since people would seek distractions from the political scene. This is where a larger-than-life film, kalki, comes into play. Having a celebrity like prabhas, being one of the most expensive films ever made in India, and having an ensemble star cast would all benefit kalki, and the onus is on the unit to turn the game in their favour. Kalki's energising campaign might cause chaos at the movie office beginning june 27th.


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