BRS Hypocrisy Exposed in Keeravani Matter

The revanth reddy administration is planned spectacular festivities for Telangana's tenth anniversary of statehood, including the publication of an official state song called "Jaya Jaya He Telangana." The congress administration has selected Tollywood's popular music director, keeravani, whose song "Naatu Naatu" from the film rrr won an Oscar, to write the anthem.
However, the previous administration, led by the BRS party, is opposed to Keeravani's involvement because his family has origins in Andhra. BRS supporters oppose Keeravani's work on the telangana anthem. Despite the party’s recent rebranding from telangana rashtra samithi (TRS) to Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) to reflect its national ambitions, their thinking is essentially the same.

People on social media are pointing out this hypocrisy, wondering why a party claiming to represent all of india is rejecting an indian composer based on regional ties. people are condemning BRS for their divisive politics, pushing them to either revert to their old name, trs, or modify their mentality.

After attaining power in telangana, the congress administration chose "Jaya Jayahe telangana," penned by Ande Sri, as the official song. Ahead of the formation day festivities, chief minister revanth reddy delegated responsibility for the song's composition to famous music director MM Keeravani. A few days earlier, keeravani and Ande Sri met with revanth reddy to discuss the song's composition.

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