Will Prabhas Take Risk? Second Shot for the Director?

Director sujeeth is backing his assistant director, A.D. Prashanth Reddy, when he takes over as director of the film Bhaje Vaayu Vegam. sujeeth participated in an interview with the film's lead actor, Karthikeya, to express his support. During the conversation, sujeeth revealed interesting insights about his upcoming project with OG and hinted at his wish to direct prabhas again after Saaho.
During the conversation, sujeeth revealed his future intentions, which include directing prabhas in a fun action-comedy similar to the current hollywood film The Fall Guy, starring Ryan Gosling. He said, "While many people expect prabhas to stick to serious roles, I'm keen on creating a thrilling yet humorous movie filled with a lot of action scenes." sujeeth also reflected on his proudest moment, when he confirmed his film with prabhas following the phenomenal success of Baahubali. He revealed his desire to direct a film including both pawan kalyan and Prabhas.

Sujeeth failed miserably with Saaho. Despite having a big budget and top-tier performers like as prabhas, sujeeth was unable to make even the bare minimum film. It's a pity since prabhas had so much promise after Baahubali, but sujeeth failed to capitalise on it. Let's hope he redeems himself with Pawan Kalyan's OG. Maybe then he'll get another chance to work with Prabhas.

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