Rayalaseema: Before counting, there are Chaos everywhere!

Since the beginning of the election voting process in andhra pradesh, many kinds of politics have been going on. With this, the politics of andhra pradesh is becoming a very hot topic. Due to this, the election authorities have also focused on the politics of andhra pradesh and deployed forces on a large scale.
However, violent incidents continue to occur in many places.There are few more days left for the counting of votes, andhra pradesh is once again creating chaos. A recent incident in Annamaiya district is disturbing everyone. A YSRCP activist was brutally murdered in madanapalli Srivari Nagar. The police also identified the deceased as punganur Seshadri. After that, the assailants escaped from there.
The people who were there informed the police and the police immediately left and reached the spot. It seems that the police are still investigating the cause of the murder, but if there is no personal conflict, then it is political factions. As such developments took place even before the election voting process took place, everyone was panicking. And it remains to be seen what kind of consequences will take place after the voting counting process is completed. Already the authorities have also issued various orders that many leaders should not be present in their constituencies during the voting process.

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