Virat Kohli Opens Restaurant in Hyderabad - In Heart of HITEC City

Virat kohli, the indian cricket hero, is slated to open his new restaurant, One8 Commune, in hyderabad tomorrow. This highly anticipated café, located at RMZ The Loft in Knowledge City and near Hard Rock Cafe in HITEC City, is guaranteed to draw a large crowd.
Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Virat kohli posted an early glimpse at the restaurant on Instagram, confirming the May 24 debut date. He wrote, "Hi, Hyderabad. I am pleased to share some great news with you! We've just arrived in the center of HiTech City, and your eating experience is about to take a new level! For me, one8 Commune is more than simply a space; it's about bringing people together, making connections, and establishing a genuine feeling of community right here in Hyderabad."

He said, "As we open our doors on May 24th, I'm so excited for you to experience the spirit of communing."
One8 Commune offers an unforgettable experience, combining amazing cuisine, cricket vibes, and cinematic charm all in one location. The atmosphere is supposed to be sophisticated yet friendly, ideal for foodies and sports enthusiasts both.
Established in 2017, One8 Commune has successfully grown into major cities including as Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, and Bengaluru. hyderabad has joined the list with its own One8 Commune site.

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