Young Actor’s Outdated & Trashy Choice For Remake!

Vishwak Sen is preparing for the release of his long-delayed film Gangs of Godavari on May 31st. During the film's advertising, Vishwak Sen made an unexpected announcement. He indicated a great desire to recreate NTR's film Naa Alludu, which was initially a box office disaster.
Vishwak Sen is a gigantic, unapologetic ntr film, which is no secret. He has publicly confessed his love for ntr on multiple times. When asked which ntr film he'd want to recreate, he unexpectedly selected an old one like Naa Alludu. Naa Alludu, directed by Vara Mullapudi and written by Vijayendra Prasad, flopped at the box office owing to poor scripting and execution, despite its star-studded ensemble.

Naa Alludu was created to compensate for Andhrawala's distributor losses, but it ended up being a larger failure than Andhrawala. Naa Alludu received harsh criticism for its regressive and sexist plot, crude humour, and obscene scenes.
Even by 2004 standards, it earned awful reviews, and such a picture would most certainly be rejected outright in 2024. Aside from the music, the picture did not leave anything to recall. Even ntr would want to remove that film from his resume. However, Vishwak Sen feels that with minor script revisions, he can make it a hit. As a writer and director, he may have fresh ideas for this project. Meanwhile, Vishwak Sen's supporters ask him to avoid such trashy writing.

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