Will Pinnelli Ramakrishna Reddy's Political career end..!?

Sowmiya Sriram

Will Pinnelli ramakrishna Reddy's Political career end..!?

For the past few days, news has been swirling around YCP's prominent leader Macharla's candidate Pinnelli ramakrishna Reddy. Yes, it can be said that various discussions are going on heatedly saying that his political career is close. Rumors have it that his political career will be severely damagedas a result of his rash actions. More importantly, would you be disqualified for politics? There is a lot of fuss on that topic. The reason for that is the sharp sections placed on Pinnelli.

They say that if the police find him, it will be difficult to get bail. Yes, the 10 sections imposed on him are also very severe. It is said that they must be imprisoned for at least 7 years. This means that he is ineligible to contest elections for almost six years. It is a bare fact that if the person gets caught in any of the cases and gets jailed for more than two years, the person will be disqualified from contesting the elections. And what will happen in the case of Pinnelli is now being discussed. Apart from all this, it can be mentioned here that the polling booth where the Pinnelli EVM was destroyedwas completely in favor of the TDP.

Cases filed by the election commission are usually serious. It is almost impossible to escape from them. Cases have already been registered against him under IPC 143, 147, 427, 448, 452, 353, 120B, 131, and 135 sections of the RP Act. Legal experts are saying that these are serious sections. Pinnelli, who won as an mla from the congress for the first time in 2009, has done so with the suspicion that he will definitely lose the election this time, the locals are saying. The consequences of any matter are likely to be serious. On the other hand, the Central election commission is closely monitoring the Pinnelli case.

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