The Whole Nation Focuses on AP Polls

It has been more than a week since Andhra Pradesh's assembly and lok sabha elections, and there are still 12 days until the ballots are counted to determine who will take control in the state. elections are also being held to determine who would take power at the Centre - narendra modi or the india Alliance, led by the Congress.
However, reports from New delhi suggest that the national media is more concerned with the outcome of the andhra pradesh assembly elections than the lok sabha polls. The bulk of media outlets appear to have accepted that narendra modi will return to power at the Centre, thus they are more interested in what happens in Andhra Pradesh.
Both the incumbent ysr congress Party and the opposition telugu desam party are sure that they will win, but both agree that it was a difficult campaign. The YSRCP leadership, which had earlier voiced confidence that it would win at least 130-140 seats this time, is now acknowledging quietly that it would only win 95-100.

TDP leaders, on the other hand, believe the nda will win 105-110 seats, if not more, due to the stiffer struggle than projected.
The ruling YSRCP stands on the pillars of "welfare and trust," whilst the TDP, in partnership with the JSP and the BJP, emphadata-sizes "lack of development," inflation, and criticism of Jagan's sand and liquor policies.
Almost every day, national media executives consult with local journalists and independent experts on the results of the andhra pradesh elections.

"Though exit polls are generally conducted on the day of polling itself, the national media has been conducting post-poll surveys even now in different parts of the state to find out which way the swing was in the May 13 polls," according to an expert.
According to the national media response, women voters and rural masses voted for the YSRCP, while the urban middle class and youth voted against it.
Analysts believe that issues such as a lack of infrastructural development and land titling laws may have influenced the YSRCP's chances.
The anticipation will last until june 1, when the exit poll findings are disclosed, but the true conclusion will be revealed only on june 4.

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