Telangana govt allocates Rs 190.82 cr for minority welfare schemes

The telangana government has allocated a budget of Rs 190.82 crore to undertake minority welfare projects in fiscal year 2024-25. Tafseer Iqbal, Special Secretary for Minority Welfare, issued GO.RT.45 to facilitate the implementation of several projects.
The government has set aside Rs 1.37 crore for a training and job plan for minority applicants. Rs 1.02 crore has been issued, with an additional Rs 34.25 lakh still outstanding.

The Minority Finance Corporation has allocated Rs 36.66 crore for the bank-linked subsidy scheme, with Rs 27.50 crore already distributed. Another Rs 9.16 crore is yet to be released. Additionally, Rs 25 crore has been set aside for different projects run by the Minority Finance Corporation.
The government has also provided Rs 55 lakh for minority government dormitories. In addition, Rs 17.70 crore has been set aside for minority student scholarships, as well as Rs 59 crore for the fee reimbursement plan.
The Minorities Study Circle received Rs 62.5 lakh, while Rs 29.50 crore was set out for the abroad scholarship initiative. Dairatul Ma'arifil Osmania was awarded Rs 50 lakh, the urdu Academy Rs 29.25 lakh, and the Waqf Tribunal Rs 5.01 lakh.

The Waqf Board has received Rs 29.87 crore for the honorarium plan for imams and muezzins, with a further Rs 8.62 crore to be issued. The Waqf survey Commission received a budget of Rs 4.6 lakh.
The Centre for Educational Development of Minorities (CEDM) was allotted Rs 66.67 lakh, of which Rs 50 lakh has already been disbursed.
Rs 62.5 lakh has been given for the maintenance of Makkah Masjid and Shahi Masjid.
In all, the government released Rs 190.82 crore in the first quarter, with an additional Rs 63.60 crore slated for future disbursement.

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