Telangana Hyderabad - The sorry state of a lane in Yakutpura

Along with a drain and a mound of debris in front of their homes, residents of ganga Nagar in Yakutpura are also dealing with stagnant water, making it impossible for them to leave. Even if they do, there is no way out except to immerse their feet in murky waters.
When Mohd Imran brought this condition to the city authorities' attention on X, the HMWS&SB took note.
Hours later, they reiterated that the subject is under the GHMC's authority. "If it was about a sewage manhole, we would help.

However, the ghmc is enlarging the nala, which is the source of this. And instead of starting from downstream, they're starting from upstream, which is aggravating the problem," a water board representative explained.
The identical message was also shared on social media, where the ghmc team has yet to comment.
Imran describes the living circumstances in the lane as follows: "Animals are better than humans in Yakutpura ganga Nagar; drain water is filled up in big volumes; and if you complain, no one cares. (sic)."

When one Mohd Imran brought this condition to the civic authorities' attention on X, the HMWS&SB did take notice.

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