Kiara Advani's changed accent in Interview - Fans Troll

On Saturday, kiara advani attended an event held in conjunction with the Cannes Film Festival. Aside from her stunning pink and black gown, there was something more that piqued everyone's interest. An interview she gave to the media on the red carpet at the red Sea Film Foundation's women in cinema gala event has been published online. It shows kiara discussing her first experience in Cannes, although her new accent is a little distracting.


Kiara's fresh accent?

Kiara adds in the video that being invited to the event is very very humbling', especially because she has been an actor for ten years. She continues, "It comes at a very special moment as well." Fans have speculated that she is attempting a new accent because of her especially American style of saying 'very' and 'at'.

What does twitter say?

A person predicted on twitter, “Bollywood twt is coming to talk about your accent… RUN, kiara RUN.” And for sure, it happened. Multiple tweets on the platform showed shock at Kiara's new accent. “I love her, but why that accent,” wrote a fan. “Her own accent is really good compared to this,” said another person. “Indian accent is in no way bad or a degrade then why do these people have to not choose it n ruin the whole damn thing,” asked another person. “Does kiara advani think she's a Kim Kardashian when she talks like that? Please stfu, and stop that cringe accent. You're not cool or funny for that,” wrote another person.

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