Rashmika Mandanna Juggles Between Mumbai and Hyderabad

Rashmika Mandanna has been working on a lot of projects and shooting scenes. With her films, the actress has undoubtedly made significant progress in show business, and she has worked really hard to carve out a space for herself. That being said, she has a busy schedule that keeps her hopping between hyderabad and mumbai, two large cities. Her dedication to her three much awaited projects—"Pushpa 2," "The Girlfriend," and "Kubera"—includes this rigorous schedule.

Rashmika is filming "The Girlfriend" and "Pushpa 2," the highly anticipated follow-up to the smash hit "Pushpa," in Hyderabad. Her casting with the legendary pan-Indian actor Allu Arjun, and particularly her most recent sari ensemble from the movie, have thrilled both industry insiders and fans. She is pushed to give every scene her best effort because of the film's intensive filming schedule and high-octane moments.

In addition, rashmika is spending time in mumbai filming "Kubera," in which she co-stars with the talented Dhanush. With its unique combination of demands and obstacles, this production presents rashmika in a whole new light and broadens her range of roles. Her frequent travels between the two locations demonstrate her commitment to and love for her work.

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