AP Elections - Are EVMs Really Safe in Strong Rooms?

Many candidates from the YSRC and the ap three-party alliance are worried about the security of the EVMs, which were locked up and kept in strongrooms. They are particularly concerned about rayalaseema because of the incidents that occurred there both during and after Monday's polling. These candidates believed that the state government was unable to control the violence that resulted from the polls, and they pointed out that the situation in the region after the polls was worse in places like Anantapur, Annamaiah, Tadipatri, chandragiri, Macherla, Narasaraopeta, etc.

"We were happy that 81.86 percent of voters in the state cast ballots, but we were also saddened by the violent incidents." Y. satya Kumar, the bjp candidate from Dharmavaram, stated, "Given the violence, we are extremely concerned about the safety of EVMs." On my behalf, I have a reliable guy stationed at the lepakshi strong room to closely monitor the sealed EVMs. Chief Electoral Officer mukesh Kumar meena had earlier said that 350 strongrooms in 33 different places throughout the state had the EVMs guarded. 

They have been given a three-tiered security protection, with central troops being deployed in addition to local police, particularly at the entry-level. He added, "There is also electronic surveillance," seeming assured that there would be no security breach.
On May 14, as Pulaparthi Venkata Mani Prasad, the TD nominee for the chandragiri assembly segment, was attempting to enter the strongroom of the Sri Padmavathi Mahila Viswa Vidyalayam in Tirupati, he was attacked. The offenders were taken into custody. minister Srinivasa Venugopal Krishna, a YSRC nominee for rajahmundry Rural, stated, "We are fortunate that we don't have such issues in this region." At Adikavi Nannaya University, the EVMs are safe in the strongrooms, and nobody here promotes violence.

In a statement released on Thursday, telugu Desam chairman Nara chandrababu naidu asked for an investigation into how certain police officials neglected to uphold peace and order in various locations. He voiced worry about how the violence even made it to Visakhapatnam and said that "they failed to control the YSRC rowdies."

Telugu Desam's nominee for the rajahmundry Rural assembly segment, gorantla butchaiah Choudhary, stated, "The YSRC leaders and supporters are acting in frustration." They are inciting violence across the state in a number of locations. "Poll-related violence should be condemned by all," declared Kamineni Srinvasa Rao, the BJP's nominee for the kaikaluru assembly district. Thankfully, there are no problems with EVM safety at the strongrooms in our neighbourhood.



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